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Blackthorn tincture


  • Blackthorn fruit  3 kg
  • Alcohol  2 liters
  • Water  2 liters
  • Sugar  1 kg
  • Juice from two lemons
  • Dried plums  15 pcs
  • Carnations  12 pcs
  • Cinnamon  1 piece of bark
  • Oak flakes, e.g. from a cognac barrel of  30 grams

    Collect the blackthorn berries and freeze for several days in the freezer and then pour into the jar. Pour in blended spirit with water, add lemon juice, chopped dried plums, cloves, broken cinnamon, oak chips. Set aside for at least a month in a warm place. Shake the jar occasionally. After pouring the liquid over the fruit add sugar and set aside for 2 weeks. It is worth mixing from time to time. Again drain the liquid, squeeze the fruit on the press and combine the tinctures. When the tincture clarifies, we pour it off with a hose, and filter the sediment, add it or use it separately. Leave it for a year in a cool place, it softens then and takes on sweets.