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Cornelian tincture


  • Ripe fruits of cornelian cherry  3 kg
  • Spirits  3 litres
  • Water  1.5 litres
  • Sugar  0,5 kg

     The fruits of cornelian cherry can be picked fully ripe, shaken from the tree or lifted from the ground. If you pick them, you have to wait 3 days for them to soften, freeze them in the freezer and only then pour them into a jar. Pour the crushed spirit over it and leave for at least a month in a warm place. Shake the jar from time to time. After pouring the liquid from above the fruit. Sprinkle with sugar and leave for 2 weeks. From time to time it is worth stirring. Pour off the liquid again and squeeze the fruit on the press. At the end of squeezing it is necessary to check if the taste of the extract does not deteriorate. Combine the obtained liquids. Dewerries are easily clarified, it is poured with a snake, and the sediment is filtered and topped up, or used separately. Leave it in a cool place for at least a year, patience will be rewarded with excellent taste.
    Cornelian tincture can be successfully combined with quince, taking care not to dominate the taste of quince.