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polish flags

elderberry  blossom  tincture


  • Elderberry flowers  0,5 kg
  • Spirits  2,5 litres
  • Water  3 litres
  • Sugar  1 kg
  • Lime or acacia honey  0,5 litre
  • Lime juice  200ml

    Cut the baldachins of elderberry flowers gently and change them in such a way that they do not lose pollen. Cut off the green stalks and put the flowers in a jar. Add sugar, honey, water and lime juice. Load the flowers from the top so that they are completely flooded. Leave to stand for 10 days, stirring daily. After 10 days, pour off the tincture, squeeze the flowers. Combine the spilled liquids with the spirit. Leave to stand for at least a month. From time to time shake the red-backed shrike. Before pouring into the bottles, lightly clarify the tincture to remove the largest deposits. Leave the bottles for six months in a dark and cool place.