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rowanberry  tincture


  • Rowanberry  3 kg
  • Spirits  2,5 liters
  • Water  2 liters
  • Quince, Blackhorn, Wild Rose, Hawthorn - 0.5 kg total
  • Forest honey, or multi-flower honey  1 litre
  • Plums dried  10 pieces
  • A handful of raisins
  • Clove  10 pieces
  • Oak flakes from cognac barrels  30 grams

     Clean fresh fruit thoroughly from stalks, rinse, wait for them to drip off. Cut the quince thinly, removing the seeds. All fruits must be put in the freezer for a few days. Mix the spirit with water. Put all the ingredients in an 8-10 litre jar and pour the crushed spirit over it. If the fruit is not fully submerged, add vodka. Leave it in a warm place for 4 weeks. Mix from time to time. Then pour off the liquid from above the fruit. Pour 1 litre of honey over the fruit and leave for 2 weeks. Mix from time to time. Then pour the liquid honey and squeeze the fruit on the press. Combine the squeezed out first litre with what we have poured from the fruit. What we squeeze out later, before pouring in, check if there is a bitter, unpalatable aftertaste. Now we wait until the brine clarifies itself. When the sediment settles on the bottom and the rest of the tincture is clear, pour a snake of rowanberry into dark bottles so that it does not darken. Leave for at least a few months in a cool place. What has not been clarified should be additionally filtered and used separately. People for whom the tincture is too dry can easily turn it into a delicious rowan liqueur, in addition to honey, adding one and a half kilograms of sugar to the fruit.